Unlimited Possibilities

Unlimited possibilities in haematology

Our XN-Series analysers continue to change the game in haematology. And we have recently improved them further, offering more efficiency, more control, and the chance to serve clinicians with great clinical insight.

Choose between lab and clinical solutions below, and discover your new possibilities. 

Know more.

With Sysmex XN-Series analysers you can measure and understand cell functionality. With new diagnostic parameters and functions, you can gain deeper information about the patient’s status from every measurement.

Decide with confidence.

Benefit from our almost 50 years’ experience in haematology. Sysmex XN analysers provide far more additional clinical information helping you to make the most appropriate decision. 

Act faster.

Quick and reliable information from a routine haematology test that enables the treating physician to early diagnose so that targeted treatment can be started, changed or modified faster. Discover your unlimited possibilities in haematology.