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<b> </b>Can you always<br/> manage tricky samples<br/> with confidence?<br/><br/> <br/>

 Can you always
manage tricky samples
with confidence?


Losing time on <br/>unnecessary manual <br/>procedures?<br/><br/><br/>

Losing time on
unnecessary manual

Want the best <br/>morphology for the <br/>best diagnostics?<br/><br/><br/>

Want the best
morphology for the
best diagnostics?

Seen the new <br/>XN-family members?

Seen the new
XN-family members?

Growing lab complexity? <br/>Challenging staff situation?<br/><br/><br/><br/>

Growing lab complexity?
Challenging staff situation?

Support for <br/>clinical decisions?<br/><br/><br/><br/>

Support for
clinical decisions?

shaping the advancement of healthcare

Want more than just numbers? 

Reliability delivered from the global leader.

Sysmex diagnostic devices are known around the world for their reliability, accuracy and quality. With good reason. We invest huge efforts into ensuring we translate your needs into solutions. 

We believe it is essential that you have complete trust in the technology you use. Our devices use fluorescence flow cytometry. This delivers more than mere morphological features such as size or complexity of blood cells. We reliably measure cell activation using proprietary reagent combinations that emphasise cells’ characteristics. 

Using combinations of our measurement channels alongside flow cytometry is unlocking new clinical dimensions such as assessing patients’ immune response status, differential diagnosis of thrombocytopenia and exceptional classification into malignant and reactive conditions. 


Can you always manage tricky samples with confidence?

XN-Series and Extended IPU are the perfect assistant. 

How do you deal with very low cell counts? Do you know the best reflex test? Can you identify interferences? Even handle special fluids such as body fluids? With the XN-Series you can. 

  • Pathological samples with interferences? A reflex test with a different methodology such as PLT-F and WPC provides better answers without user intervention.
  • Samples with increased MCHC? Our new CBC-O concept with the optional Extended IPU provides the solution. 
  • Select the correct platelet measurement methodology and provide additional clinical information about the cause of thrombocytopenia with the TWO concept.
  • Report the correct values even for critically low cell counts? With the low cell count modes for WBC and thrombocytopenic samples you can.
  • Routinely measure body fluids samples? Without sample preparation, the XN provides a precise count of nucleated cells even in the lowest counting ranges. 

Losing time on unnecessary manual procedures? 

Sysmex’s automation delivers an efficient workflow.

Do you sometimes struggle to find a specific sample you need for further testing based on the results you see on your validation screen? Would you like to have the guarantee that sample treatment is standardised around the clock, even at weekends?

Sample and validation workflows were never as easy to implement as with the XN-Series’ automation solutions. Modularity and scalability are not just buzzwords, but a reality our customers experience every day. We develop a tailored solution around your prime needs. By initially selecting individual analytical modules, clinical applications and sample routing optimisation, you get the most efficient sample processing system on the smallest footprint. Intelligent sample routing and real-time reflex decisions guarantee the best possible turnaround time for all samples.


Want the best morphology for the best diagnostics?

Better smears. Better morphology. Better results. 

To deliver the best results for morphological review, you need to safeguard the integrity of the cells. One has to retain the true structure and shape of the cells on the final microscopic slide’s monolayer. If not, this leads to misclassification. 
There are other crucial challenges to getting the smear workflow right:

  • Staining reagents need to be combined intelligently to highlight the cell components 
  • Ensures consistent smears as the best basis for standardised morphology
  • Turnaround time is increasingly an issue due to workload and client expectations. 

By adding our DI-60 digital imaging analyser, you get faster classification, improved traceability and you can better judge and validate your blood cell differential. 


Data and accreditation issues? 

Intelligent software solutions are the answer.

Are you coping with your masses of data efficiently? Do you have a single user interface or is your data scattered? How do you manage your accreditation requirements? It’s easy with the XN-Series.

When using the optional Extended IPU, you get intelligent order and sample handling. And can confidently and easily manage the EDTA workflow and order control during the day, night and weekend. 

Your validation process is fully and easily accreditable based on published recommendations and special applications based on our almost 50 years’ experience in haematology. 


Delivering reliable, high quality results? Always?

Check out our new standardised technical and biomedical validation.

Do you work as efficiently as you possibly can? Are you confident you’re continuously delivering results that are reliable and of the highest quality? If not, Sysmex’s rule-based validation can help.

Technical validation delivers accurate and technically sound analysis results. This includes detecting clinically relevant false results and initiating reflex measurements that deliver the most economical option. 

Biomedical validation provides confidence for delivering the best diagnosis. It screens between normal and abnormal patients with high sensitivity and specificity and suggests appropriate action. 

Our biomedical validation rules are based on the GFHC group of expert’s publication.


Growing lab complexity? Challenging staff situation?

Benefit from our almost 50 years’ experience and knowhow. 

How familiar are you with the advanced measurement technology in your routine haematology? Is it sometimes tough to interpret the information available for each individual sample and pinpoint the critical piece? When moving to a new technology or solution, how do you decide on the best system configuration for your environment: your challenges, speciality and growth scenario?

Sysmex devotes a significant proportion of its time on education. Our staff are continuously trained to deliver the best possible support. Your training helps you maximise your efficiency and knowledge level across your partners.

Embracing a new technology or automating your processes requires a high level of knowledge and expertise. We support you along each step of the way in this challenging process. We spend enough time in your environment to understand your specific situation, and develop an individualised concept that perfectly matches your needs.


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