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Sysmex’s most compact 
slide-maker/stainer ever  

The new SP-50 delivers consistent, high-quality smears that provide the morphological quality needed for the best possible microscopic diagnostics. With minimal damage to cell structure thanks to its intelligent wedge smear technique the risk of misclassification is reduced significantly. Flexible settings to address individual samples means the SP-50 is an easy fit and will help you improve your workflow significantly.


  • Reduced time for slide preparation
  • Superb morphological quality and consistency
  • Wide variety of user-defined staining procedures
  • Minimal footprint
  • Minimise work with biohazardous material and dangerous staining solutions

    Sysmex’s most compact slide-maker/stainer ever  

    All-in-one – now also for lower workloads 

    For the first time, we have combined our market-leading XN-Series analyser with a brand-new slide maker/stainer in an all-in-one haematology workstation. Should an analysis result lead to a smear, it is performed without manual intervention, fully automated, and integrated seamlessly in the workflow so that turnaround times and manual errors are decreased. 


    • Recommended workload from 80 - 250 samples per day
    • Fully integrated slide maker/stainer delivering excellent morphological quality
    • Small footprint
    • Reduced sample volume perfect for paediatric samples
    • Optional integration of digital imaging module – the DI-60
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    All-in-one – now also for lower workloads 

    The new XN-1500

    Curious about our new XN-1500? Watch the video and get an impression of our brand new all-in-one haematology workstation for smaller workloads. It demonstrates the seamless integration of our new slide-maker/stainer SP-50 to create a fully automated haematology solution.  

    Fully scalable to your workload demands

    The new compact and fully autonomous workstation addressing a medium, steady workload. The XN-Series is fully adaptable. Two XN analysers process samples simultaneously and the throughput is consistently high.


    • Recommended workload from 250 - 400 samples per day
    • Seamless integration of SP-50 into the workflow
    • Superb morphological quality for diagnostics
    • Reflex based and controlled by a rule set delivering a clear efficiency focus for pathological samples
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    Fully scalable to your workload demands

    Concentrated power for growing demands

    Our XN-9100 solutions are flexible, adaptable and ready to grow with you. The components will find an even better fit in your workspace. Save space and maximise your organisation’s productivity. 


    • Recommended workload from 400 samples per day
    • Footprint reduction with new Twin modularity - directly combines two neighbouring XN units in one Twin module
    • Various flexible designs supported by our consultancy experts
    • Complete EDTA sample management with integration of ESR* and HbA1C* testing into the haematology line

      *in certain countries
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    Concentrated power for growing demands

    The new XN-9100

    Want to see more? Click on the video and get a first impression of our largest model of the XN-Series. Experience a fully automated haematology workflow solution that delivers concentrated power for high workloads and can adapt to the growing demands of any laboratory.

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